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Qigong Research

In this section, we share weblinks and reprints of papers of scientific research that has been conducted into the nature of qigong. Articles cover topics such as qigong and health, medical qigong treatment, scientific measurement of qi, and theoretical foundation.

This page is meant to serve as a beginning to stimulate the practitioner to seek out his or her own research and understanding. Work with a simple search engine such as google.com, references within the recommended books and journals, and research at your local library or University will help you find more information.

The health links and information presented here are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling from a licensed medical professional.

Overview of Qigong by Dr. Sun
Overview of Qigong

Understanding Qigong
What is Qigong
Six Paths of Qigong and Taiji
The Way of Qigong

Health & Qigong
Anti-Aging Benefits of Qigong
Qigong and Taiji - Bibliography on Cancer
Qigong energizes and calms, students say
GuoLin Qigong vs. Cancer
Tai Chi lowers blood pressure
Chinese Medicine and Cancer
Changes in cytokine production in healthy subjects practicing Guolin Qigong
Abstracts of health studies of Tai Chi and Qigong
Qigong Research Database
Diabetes, TCM, and Qigong
Selected Publications on Qigong Scientific Research

Measurement of Qi (Qigong)
Interview with Dr. Elmer Green
Measuring Qi
Qigong energy study
What is Healing Energy? James L. Oschman, PhD
Biosystems Liquid Crystals & Potential Effects of Natural & Artificial Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)
On the possible mechanism of intent in paranormal phenomena
Dr. Yan Xin on Scientific Qigong Research
Institute of HeartMath Subtle Energy Research

Topics of Interest
NASA To Study Man Who Survives On Liquids And Sunlight
The Electrodermal Screening Test (based upon EAV)
Interview with Rupert Sheldrake (morphogenetic fields)
Bioelectromagnetics: Old Roots of a New Science
The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) at Princeton University
Global Consciousness Project - Measurements taken on date of 9/11/01 terrorist attacks
The Nadis (Yogic Energetic Tradition)

The Human Endocrine System: Background, Effects of Stress, Effects of Qigong
Endocrine System
Women's Hormones 101
Influences of Wujijinggong On blood serotonin and ß-endorphin concentrations
How Qigong Can Help You Relax Out of Stress
Taiji and Qigong - Nervous System

Theoretical foundation of Qigong
Dr. William Tiller
Tom Bearden (Starting around question #7)

Recommended Books

  • Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis of Bioenergy Therapies,
    by Dr. James L. Oschman
  • The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life,
    by Robert O. Becker, MD and Gary Selden
  • The Root of Chinese Qigong, by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming
  • Awaken Healing Light of the Tao, by Mantak & Maneewan Chia
  • Vibrational Medicine, by Richard Gerber, MD
  • The Way of Qigong, by Ken Cohen
  • The Complete book of Chinese Health & Healing, by Daniel Reid
  • Infinite Mind: The Science of Human Vibrations, by Dr. Valerie V. Hunt
  • Measurement of Ki Energy Diagnosis Method, by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama

Qi Journal
The American Journal of Chinese Medicine (AJCM)

International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM)


This list compiled by Steve Gregersen and Guan-Cheng Sun. Please direct any comments to [email protected]