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About Qigong

What is Qigong?

Qigong is the practice of cultivating our inherent potential and well-being based upon the natural laws of human consciousness and internal energy flow in the physical body. These laws were observed over the centuries and many systems of Qigong flourished.  Gradually, the masters refined and modified their methods until Qigong evolved into a practice that effectively restores harmony and vitality to our bodies.  The word "Qigong," in Chinese, is composed of two characters: the first character,"Qi,"(气) represents the life force, or vital energy; the second character, "Gong," (功) means the results or achievement of practice.

Although relatively new to the United States, Qigong has a long history in China, where the practice has been used to improve health and physical strength and increase longevity.  The theoretical basis of Qigong relates to the energy patterns in and around the human body, or Qi, which is the foundation of all the martial arts, of energetic healing, of Chinese medicine, of Chinese philosophy, and of Chinese culture.

What is Yi Ren® Qigong?

Yi Ren® Qigong is the practice of cultivating our inherent potential and well-being through a growing awareness of "Qi"--the energy-information field within us, as well as surrounding us.  In Chinese, the character "Yi"(易)means change, the upper part symbolizes the sun and lower part symbolizes the moon.  Through the dynamic interactions of Yin and Yang, the character "Yi" graphically suggests the Tao of change, the laws of different energy interactions in the natural world.  The character "Ren"(人) means human.  With Yi Ren® Qigong studies and practice, we become increasingly aware of energy flow and interactions in our physical body, and in our environment, and start to live in accord with the Tao, the laws in the nature. 

The Yi Ren® system of Qigong is designed to support an individual in the exploration and expression of the intelligence and wisdom already within the body. It helps one become consciously aware of and understand the body's functions at different levels, including energetic, informational, emotional, conscious and subconscious levels. A regular and disciplined practice of Yi Ren® Qigong helps individuals increase harmony within Qi-Mind-Body, which leads to self-knowledge, self-healing, self-reverence, self-mastery, and self-actualization.

Yi Ren® Qigong includes two basic components or areas of emphasis: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Qigong. Intrinsic Qigong refers to communication and interaction between the mind and the body; Extrinsic Qigong encompasses communication and interaction between individuals and their environment, including other people, society, and nature. 

This natural and non-Invasive system has a great capacity for strengthening our physical body and for enhancing the process of fulfillment of inherent potential through Qi-Mind-Body integration.  For example, the internal power of "Jing"(劲) is a dynamic current in the body which can be developed by integrating our Qi with the force of the muscles.  The power of "Rou" (柔) is the strength of our tendons, which can be developed by integrating our Qi with the nature of the tendons. The power of "gang" (刚) is the quality of sturdiness of the bones, which can be developed when the bones get nourished with the refined Qi within. At our mental level, the power of “Zhi” (智)is the power of insight and perception, which can be enhanced when the intellectual mind is nourished with the Qi. The power of “Hui”(慧) is the power of direct knowing, and direct communicating, as well as corresponding, which can be developed by integrating the Qi with our intuitive mind and internal organ network.

Regarding Extrinsic Qigong, we learn how to integrate the knowledge of I Ching (易经) with our personal intuitive system, which enables us to recognize and identify different energy interactions, and anticipate what these interactions will create. With extrinsic Qigong practice, we are increasingly aware of what kind of energy nourishes our inherent nature, and what kind of energy impairs our intrinsic nature. Thus we can choose more appropriate community and more conducive environments which foster our personal growth, and support us in the process of fulfilling our highest potential, and achieving self-actualization.   

Demonstration video clip from the Level 1 Review video
In this video clip, Dr. Sun performs part of the Yi Ren® Level 1 qigong form.
1 minute in length. Requires Real player (available from real.com).

Click here to view video

About Dr. Sun

Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun originally learned a Qigong system from his grandfather at age nine. Dr. Sun has spent over 25 years refining his skills and has developed a new system called Yi Ren® Qigong.

After earning his Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Japan in 1993, Dr. Sun was awarded a fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. During his years in Japan, he also began teaching his QiGong system. In June 1994, Dr. Sun came to the University of Washington where he continued his research of the endocrine system at the molecular level. This research into the hormonal balance and transformation of the body has enriched Dr. Sun's theory and practice of QiGong. In March of 2000, Dr. Sun accepted an invitation to lecture at the Mayo Clinic on integrating traditional Eastern healing arts with modern concepts of physiology.

Dr. Sun brings warmth and compassion into the classroom, in addition to his rigorous scientific background.

Course descriptions of Yi Ren® Qigong.

Level One: (The foundation for all subsequent courses, and the prerequisite for them.)

This is primarily a stationary practice, done in standing and sitting positions. The purpose of these exercises is to build up more energy, and to get the energy field active and stable. Practitioners also work on developing their body's information system and understanding its function. The increasing energy in our bodies amplifies the body's signals, and as we turn the mind's attention toward the body, the body begins to tells us which places need healing. Working individually, and occasionally in pairs during class time, we further activate the body's energy centers to enhance and improve the body's energy flow and to eliminate energy blockages. This triggers and activates self-healing, with each body's own repair system cleansing and de-toxifying the body of accumulated negative energy, information, and waste products caused by illness, injury, tension, stress, and emotions.

Level Two: (Prerequisite: completion of a Level One class in Yi Ren® Qigong.)

In this course we continue to develop our "Qi" for more effective self-healing and deep relaxation. The focus of these exercises is on key points along the acupuncture meridians. Practitioners learn self-accupressure techniques, and then follow up with a series of energy practices corresponding to the points stimulated; the purpose is to improve the energy flow through the channels, release blockages, and promote deep states of relaxation. Through the exercises in this Level Two course, students begin to feel and experience more energy connections throughout the body. This comes about as a result of both greater awareness of the energy flow, as well as improvement and enhancement of the energy flow itself.

Developing the Internal Organ Network: (Prerequisite: completion of a Level Two class in Yi Ren® Qigong.)

The practices in this course are designed to bring us to a deepening awareness of the energy flows inside the organs. Our purpose is to balance each organ individually and in relation to the others in the network. As we build up the internal network between the organs, we gain a deeper appreciation of how our thoughts, desires, and emotions are related to the body and the organs, and how this network directly affects the quality of our daily life. By practicing this series, we become able to distinguish between personal information and collective information; this fosters our self-awareness and self-responsibility, as well as greater freedom from habitual responses. Enhanced organ awareness is a powerful tool for understanding our environment and the effects of seasonal change on the body, and for understanding, at a deeper level, communications and interactions between ourselves and others.

Personal Energetic Boundaries: (Prerequisite: completion of a Level Two class in Yi Ren® Qigong.)

This class builds upon the foundation of our set of motion-Qigong /internal martial arts exercises, and adds to it a focus upon different methods for cleansing our personal space and energy field. This set combines the slow movements of motion-Qigong in a dynamic sequence with more forceful movements to clear and maintain our personal space. By freeing ourselves up, we achieve a more peaceful, healthy, and positive state. This class will be helpful for those who feel sensitive to, or sometimes overwhelmed by, environmental or outside information. We will learn to distinguish this type of information from our own personal information, and then learn a set of practices designed to reenforce boundaries and clear personal space.

Sound/Energy Center Correspondences: (Prerequisite: completion of Level Two.)

In this class, practitioners will work with a unique series of sounds, in combination with energetic practice and specific points of focus, to discover how different vibrations correspond to different organs and areas of the body, for a deeply relaxing and tonic effect. This practice stimulates the organs to a deeper awareness level, and enhances practitioners' vibrational sensitivity. These vibrations are related to deep healing, as they assist in opening the energy meridians and energy centers, and foster a deep cleansing and releasing process. This also leads to enhanced awareness of how our own or others' speaking is connected to the energy field, as we learn to recognize different signals, and the organs and emotions with which they are associated.

Complementary Practices: (Prerequisite: completion of a Level Two class.)

In this class we will explore the benefits of alternating sitting and standing meditations with more active movements. The slow motion exercises help to integrate mind, movement, energy field and breath. They help to prepare the mind to become more quiet, and they also ground and stabilize energy. By combining motion and stillness practices within the same session, we will achieve greater rest and silence, open the energy centers more deeply, and feel the energy movement in more detail. This particular combination of practices will help practitioners to become more aware of the connection between the mind and energy flow so that we will be able to use the mind to direct the energy flow; this combination will also enhance our understanding of how and what the body's energetic system is communicating to us.