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Q & A

Q. How do I combine meditation with my Qigong practice?

A. Meditation is part of Yi Ren® Qigong practice. It might be better if you practice Qigong first, to activate your bio-energy-information system (BEIS), and keep the BEIS on, and then do your meditation practice. This way, you are naturally integrating Qigong practice with meditation, and not only will you save time, but you will also get better results and enjoy a higher quality of meditation.

Q. How do I choose my practice routine? Which exercises should I regularly include? How do I choose which ones?

A. In Yi Ren® Qigong practice, if you are in the beginners class, it is good to do the homework practice by following the instructions. But if you are in level 2 or further advanced, we suggest that the "small universe," mind-kidney connection, and "large universe" exercises should be in your regular practice routine. There are many exercises available for many different purposes and conditions of people in the Yi Ren® Qigong system. As far as how to choose the ; right exercise, it depends on each individual's purpose and needs. With an increased internal energy level, and deepened awareness, you may find that with some exercises you have more affinity, or a special response (warmth, pain, negative emotion release, more energy, more creative and productive, etc.), either while you are practicing or after you finish the exercise. This is usually a good sign that the particular exercise is a good 'fit' for you. Also, with continued practice, we naturally find our intuition enhanced and we can listen to the body's suggestions. Then we naturally know which exercise we should choose. However, if you are not sure, or you are a beginner and have some special areas for which you would like corresponding exercises, please ask Dr. Sun for assistance or discuss with him which exercise(s) would be most helpful to your condition or special area of concern.

Q. How many times should I repeat my exercise when I practice at home?

A. As you know, when we practice together in class, we usually do six or twelve repetitions of an exercise, and this is in part to help everyone remember that exercise. It is different when we do our exercises at home. Please remember our basic principles of Yi Ren® Qigong practice: first, we are integrating our breathing, movement, energy field and consciousness and bringing them into unity; and second, we are developing a more perfect balance between our intellectual system and intuitive system.

In order to get great results and make good progress, it is better to repeat one exercise over and over again. But it is not enough simply to repeat; it is very important to keep the quality of the exercise high. During practice, we first make sure we are consciously feeling the actual sensations of the energy field; second, we check to make sure the saliva flow has increased; then third, we check for a harmonized and relaxed state of the mind and body. This harmonized and relaxed state is the precondition for continuing to repeat the exercise. In the beginning, practitioners repeat an exercise relatively fast, but as each individual's energy level increases, the movement naturally becomes slower. For example, beginners repeat the "small universe" exercise about 20 times in 10 minutes, but a more advanced practitioner might repeat the "small universe" exercise only three times in 30 minutes. The point is to find the best rhythm, with the movement synchronizing with your own energy field; this is the most effective way to balance the intellectual system and intuitive system. Each main exercise should be continued for at least 40 minutes in order for the practitioner to enjoy the most outcome.